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Chapter 10. A Crash Course in Getting Or... > The Wonderful World of Filing - Pg. 103

A Crash Course in Getting Organized 103 · Medical records and health insurance information · Financial documents (recent ones only--old tax records and cancelled checks get relegated to archival files) · Household papers such as mortgage or rental documents, construction projects, personnel files for household equipment warranties, receipts, and instructions · Miscellaneous documents and records (examples from my files are frequent flyer mileage state- ments, car maintenance records, and a Christmas file in which I keep records of gifts I've given in past years and a card recipient list) Some administrative files don't even need to be in an easily accessible file cabinet. If you're keeping certain documents merely for the record and are unlikely to need to refer to them frequently, if at all, those documents become archival files. Archival files can be stored away in cardboard boxes in a closet, the attic, an office storage room, or any other appropriate space. Matter of Fact Using different colored hanging folders for various categories of your administrative files keeps your files from being one big blur and makes it easy to spot the one you need. For example, in one locked file cabinet drawer, I have about 20 red folders for paid bills and other important documents related to our car, home, and insurance; several blue folders for medical and dental records and health insurance information; and several green files