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Lesson 17. Working at Home > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 76

Working at Home 76 · Don't be a stranger--For those who split time between the company and the home office, it is wise to visit the company facilities one to three times a week, depending on the nature of your work. You cannot possibly know everything happening at the office unless you are there or are having someone fill you in on those activities on a regular basis. In that case, you may spend more time "talking shop" than working. Some of us are limited in resources and space for a home office, so here are some tips: · If the room is available, designate it exclusively for business use, and renovate it to simulate an office environment and to accommodate office needs. Take the kids' boom box back to their room. Make room for your filing cabinet, desk, chairs, computer workstation, shelving, and other office equipment. Move the daybed somewhere else in the house. · If you must share space with some home function, such as a family room, set up some form of perimeter, like a free-standing room divider, to mark the distinct boundary between your office and the family room. · Enforce the law that no one is to use your office space and its content for personal reasons. Imagine a family member using a note pad to write a phone number and message from a friend; then you come home to find that your notes from the last staff meeting have disappeared. Working from a home office can be a rewarding, but challenging, experience. Without the structured surroundings of a formal corporate office, it's especially important to remain organized. Remember to respect your work, and yourself for the work you do. The 30-Second Recap · Working from the home requires self-discipline and self- management.