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Lesson 17. Working at Home > Some Solutions - Pg. 75

Working at Home 75 · Lounging around in your pajamas may be a leisurely feeling, but it tends to suppress the urge to work. · Don't get glued to the TV. Avoid the urge to go to the family or living room, lounge on the sofa, and watch the tube. It's easy to get wrapped up in distractions. · Avoid the temptation to make up for work you didn't get done during the day by working at night. How do you feel the next day after not having enough sleep? This can be counterproductive. · Resist computer games. It's easy to switch over to a favorite game of Solitaire or Hearts when frustrated or stymied by the report that's due tomorrow. · Stay professional on the phone. If a client, vendor, or fellow employee calls, it doesn't reflect well on you for a family member to pick up the phone and say, "Hi." · Minimize interruptions from others. If you're using the family room, you don't want people coming in while you conduct your business affairs. They shouldn't turn on the TV while you are talking on the telephone. · Your spouse and children can innocently come into the office and ask you questions in the midst of an extremely important phone call or thought process. · Stay in touch with the office. You don't want to find out that your recommendations to manage- ment, which initially were enthusiastically received, suddenly are rejected. Did you miss out on some event at the office that resulted in this change of heart? We don't want to discourage anyone from working from the house. However, there are pitfalls, and you must be prepared to overcome them. Some Solutions