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Lesson 17. Working at Home > Pitfalls - Pg. 74

Working at Home Tip 74 New Internet companies provide fax and voicemail at no charge to you. The faxes and voicemail are forwarded to you via your e-mail software. · Have an answering machine installed with your office phone. · Create a separate office space from the rest of the home, even if resources and space are limited. Keeping in Touch The independent contractor working from home doesn't have a brick-and-mortar environment to inspire or direct his or her attention to stay in touch with the outside world. Plain English A network is a group of computers and associated devices that are connected by commu- nications facilities for the purpose of exchanging services or information among groups, individuals, or associations. You can be forgotten. Here are some ways to stay in the mainstream: · Network through chambers of commerce and other business organizations. · If clients are local, make a habit of occasionally visiting them onsite, but don't show up unan- nounced. · Sponsor community events and programs to get your company's name in the public eye. · Make use of your e-mail to communicate with past and present clients. Communicate the desire to know how they are doing, and let them know that you are available if they need any further assistance.