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Lesson 1. Why Get Organized? > The Characteristics of an Organized Person - Pg. 3

Why Get Organized? · · · · Increased ability to influence others Increased productivity Stable relationships at home and in the office A greater sense of confidence and self-worth 3 All these rewards in life can be achieved if you are organized. Caution Over time, you drain your energy with small annoyances, such as pulling a phone cord across the computer screen to your favored ear, or blocking a shadow from a lamp next to your dominant hand. Move them for better harmony. The Characteristics of an Organized Person One of the authors has a friend--we'll call him Tony--who's an executive vice president of a major international corporation. His accomplishments are impressive: He successfully opened additional company facilities worldwide, maintains a profitable local plant, and still has time to enjoy a harmo- nious and fulfilling home life. How can he possibly achieve so much? He is a classic example of a well-organized person and ... · · · · · Is always well groomed Has a clean, organized home Is respected by family, friends, and co-workers alike Earns a good income, which he uses to plan for financial security and retirement Is self-disciplined