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Lesson 1. Why Get Organized? > The Rewards of Being Organized - Pg. 2

Why Get Organized? The nature of our leaders' jobs dictates the reasons why they are organized: 2 · Supervisors and managers in the business world have the responsibility to accomplish the goals of their departments. · Business owners must be organized if their ventures are to survive and earn a profit. · Political and cultural leaders are assigned the awesome duty by their respective masses to organize the institutions they represent. · Parents have the dream that their children will mature into thriving members of society. That requires a disciplined approach to organizing the children's educational and societal learning processes. Only when these leaders, managers, and role models are organized is it possible for those people around them to reach their main objectives--success in life's goals. And for those of us not pos- sessing the leader's responsibilities, organizing life should still be considered an opportunity for increased productivity and the related peace of mind associated with greater access to family, friends, and leisure time. The Rewards of Being Organized Imagine a person whose office is full of papers and pens strewn all over the desk and the credenza. This person runs around the offices several times a day, asking questions about when supplies will arrive and what time it is (even though he's wearing a watch), and never seems to have enough time to get work done. His tie is crooked, his collar is out of place, and he leaves the company bathroom with water splattered all over the sink. You look in the car and see children's toys lying under the briefcase and papers stuck between the