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Lesson 1. Why Get Organized? - Pg. 1

1 Chapter 1. Why Get Organized? In this lesson, you will learn how being organized can change your life, both personally and pro- fessionally. The Characteristics of an Organized Life Since you're reading this book, it might mean that you're already somewhat organized and looking for more ideas and tools. Or maybe it means you're not organized, and you're trying to learn how to gain control of your life. Either way, it's time to examine your thought process--and business processes--more closely. An organized life begins with an attitude. That attitude is commonly characterized by self-confi- dence, which results in self-control. A confident person is one who feels certain of his or her ability to accomplish the personal and professional tasks in life, and who knows that a good method will be found to fulfill those tasks. In short, confidence equals control. Plain English To organize something means to arrange something into a united whole through systematic planning and effort. Whether you're aware of it or not, you want greater control of your life. Therefore, you must examine your level of self-confidence, recognize and nurture the characteristics of organization, and expe- rience the positive merits that result from that effort. Where to Find Organization Organization is as old as the human race. Without some form of social, political, and cultural or- ganization in life, we would have chaos. When scientists and historians examine the construction of the Seven Wonders of the World, it is clear that a group of leaders was able to develop a process of organizing thousands of people into workgroups. It is in and through these leaders that the char- acteristics and related qualities of organization are to be found. It appears that only in hindsight do we begin to examine the thought process of those greater leaders. Personally, you can't afford to let time and circumstance pass before examining your own attitude. To effectively make organized change you must examine your attitude. Who Needs to Be Organized All of us really need to be organized. But the inherent, social nature of human beings dictates that the onus for showing the way falls on the supervisors, managers, and owners in business; leaders in politics and culture; and parents at home. Caution Organization begins at the top. Otherwise, society would experience chaos and collapse.