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Lesson 5. Using High-Tech Tools and Software > A Word About Low-Tech - Pg. 25

Using High-Tech Tools and Software 25 · Yahoo! Calendar ( []--This free Web por- tal calendar has Time Guides, a feature that automatically overlays events such as sports games, co-workers' calendars, and stock splits on your own personal schedule. You can keep track of earnings release dates, stock splits, and board meeting dates for companies in your portfolio. You can also keep up with the rest of nation's calendars. For example, Yahoo! has condensed the key economic indicators from several government areas into an economic calendar at http:// What makes this online calendar so distinctive is that it provides the links to the actual government report for those who want to read more. · IRS Calendar( [http://]--Free, but not personalized. Bookmark this IRS calendar on your computer to keep ahead on your tax obligations. PIM is short for personal information manager , a software application that lets you enter dates, lists, and reminders. Most also include scheduling, calendars, and calculators. Check out for the latest PIM reviews and downloads. Plain English Voice-Recognition Software Voice-recognition software translates the spoken word into text in your word processing software, either by microphone or by specialized tape recorder. Some of the more common applications in- clude Via Voice ( and Voice Express (; they range from $40 to $230. Think about the captions on your TV screen when you hit the Mute button--now imag- ine the same technology on your computer with a software package. If you're not a typist, or if you always find yourself scrambling for pen and paper when the big ideas hit, this is for you. Tip Special versions of voice recognition software can be found for specific professions. Prices range from $200 to $800. The tiny tape recorders slip easily into a pocket, ready when you are. After recording a day's worth of ideas, download the .wav files on- to your computer. It takes a little bit of setup using a microphone plugged in to the computer, but it can be a real time-saver. Intranets One restricted-travel highway beyond the Internet is the intranet. An intranet is a network designed for information processing within a company or organi- zation. Having your own intranet requires a software developer to access a series of tools (applications), including page editors, Web designers, code, and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors. The applications and costs are varied, so you should contact software developers to learn the specific costs based on your company's needs. Plain English A Word About Low-Tech High-tech tools and software are great, but there are mainstay items necessary to an organized lifestyle, including telephones, pagers, and tape recorders.