Using High-Tech Tools and Software Type Price Hard Drive RAM Processor Monitor Power PC $2,500+ 20+GB 128MB 800Mhz 19"+ Midrange $1,500+ 13+BG 64MB 600Mhz 17" to 19" Budget $900+ 10+GB 32MB 466Mhz 15" 22 The most notable difference is the lack of or reduced performance of extra features. Of course, price ranges are approximate and represent what PC World defines as "street prices," which can vary from one month to the next. Brand names are quite diverse, but the more well-known brands include Acer, Axis, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, Micron, Micro Express, and Quantex. The previous table reflects the three categories of computers as of this printing. It should be noted that prices and other features constantly change, reflecting the very short product life cycle in the computer industry. You would be advised to periodically review industry magazines such as PC Magazine ( and Smart Business ( sinessmag/) for changes in prices and features. Plain English RAM is short for random access memory. The more RAM you have on your computer, the better the performance of your applications. Laptop Computers A must-have for many traveling executives, laptop computers (also called notebook computers) are diverse and have street price ranges of $1,200 to $3,200. Typical specification ranges include