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Lesson 18. Understanding Project Management > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 81

Understanding Project Management 81 Personal Evaluation To simply say that you succeeded by having completed the project is not an accurate statement. In the first place, upper management and ownership will evaluate your performance. In this kind of example, you can be certain that your future with the company may be on the line. Furthermore, it is an evaluation of your professional performance Include these factors in the evaluaton: · Additional costs--The difference between the projected and actual budget are rarely identical. More often than not, projects cost more than what was budgeted. A simple formula that you may want to incorporate is to add up the additional costs incurred for which you had no control, and subtract them from the total amount over budget. That percentage may or may not be to your advantage. · Timelines--Timelines are always critical. Again, you will want to note those timeline failures over which you had little or no control, and those for which you may be responsible for not controlling. Add to that the additional funds budgeted as a result of those delays. · Savings--Make note of any savings gained in project funding, and the reasons for those savings. Of course, the more savings for which you are personally responsible can only endear you to your bosses. · Project notes--Make detailed notes about the specific successes and failures that you encoun- tered when troubleshooting the project. You will want to rely on the lessons learned, good and bad, for the future. You may or may not have to rely on your personal evaluation at some point in time with upper management The 30-Second Recap · Define the project's goal in clear, concise terms. · Develop the project plan with emphasis on quality, budget, and timelines. · Implement the project with constant monitoring, periodic reports, and constant, two-way com- munication. · Anticipate the reality that you will have to troubleshoot problems. · Use easily developed charts to oversee progress. · Completing the project requires multiple, preparatory tasks to ensure functionality. · Conduct your personal evaluation for professional and company insight into your performance as a project manager.