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Lesson 18. Understanding Project Management > Completing the Project - Pg. 80

Understanding Project Management 80 · Lack of quality--When suppliers of materials and manufacturing equipment do not provide the quality of materials and equipment required, you may want to consider alternative sources. You should have alternative vendors identified from the outset when encountering this type of prob- lem. · Imperative timelines--If timelines are imperative, you may request additional budget money. This will more likely be agreeable with upper management and ownership if quality and timelines are maintained, and if the additional funding requested does not destabilize the financial position of the company. · Differences of opinion--Resolving differences of opinion regarding any element of the project falls squarely on the shoulders of you, the project manager. The company's financial well-being takes highest priority in all matters. Upper management and ownership expect that of you. Seek compromise, but never at the expense of the company. Certainly, there are many other examples of troubleshooting, but you should retain an organized focus on the total project. React to problems with the characteristic leadership elements of confi- dence, discipline, and control of your emotions. Completing the Project To simply build the additional manufacturing facility in and of itself is not completion. Details im- pacting the start-up and operation of that manufacturing space must be in place before you push that Start button: · Tests--Test all facilities and manufacturing equipment to ensure that they are operating prop- erly. Have contractors, suppliers, and vendors correct any matters immediately, not after the facility opens.