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Lesson 16. Triumphing Over Time-Eaters > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 72

Triumphing Over Time-Eaters 72 Show the same courtesy to co-workers or employees. Dropping by their desks unscheduled to avoid work on your desk isn't fair. If you need a quick answer, try e-mail or phone. If you need a long explanation, schedule a time. The 30-Second Recap · Procrastination stems from fear. Find the source, and you've conquered the problem. · Help employees overcome procrastination by identifying their problems and providing solutions. · Don't allow interruptions to fuel procrastination. Use tools learned in earlier lessons to gain con- trol. · Get started. Doing the most important job first rewards you with a feeling of satisfaction. · Close your door; it's a simple but very effective way to get work done. · Tackle the paperwork before it tackles you. Keep your replies and reports short, simple, and to the point. · Tame the paper tiger on your desk by eliminating distracting piles.