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Lesson 16. Triumphing Over Time-Eaters > Analyzing the Problem - Pg. 69

Triumphing Over Time-Eaters 69 Figure . If you procrastinate there is no organization or self-control, and that leads to failure. Why Procrastinate? In very simple terms, procrastination is the result of fear--and procrastination grows the longer you delay the process of addressing that fear. Your attitude is fundamental to dealing with and over- coming fear. You may fear failure in the face of others' high expectations. Caution Procrastination often comes when people are encountering some new phase of life, such as a promotion or marriage. Regardless, anticipation of an important new experience in life can provoke anxiety. That, in turn, can prevent you from focusing on the necessary skills to maintain discipline, organize your life, and proceed to succeed. Recognizing the sources of this emotion, and knowing it happens to all of us is the first step to overcoming fear. Analyzing the Problem Managers are quick to identify problems, when they are actually identifying symptoms to the prob- lem. For example, a store manager says, "The problem with this employee is that he is always late for work." The employee may have family problems, however, or his car may need repairs. Thus, the problem is with the family or transportation. The symptom, or result of the problem, is that he is constantly late for work. Tardiness, the symptom results from family or transportation issues, the problem. Procrastination Let's face it: We all procrastinate at times. The key is to not let it become a habit. Some people like the thrill that they get from procrastinating--that rush of excitement that comes from squeaking in just under deadline can be addicting. Still others have found that by procrasti- nating, they can blame poor results on a lack of time. It's a type of self-protection against failure. A good way to begin the quest for identifying the problems provoking procrastination in your life is to carry a small notebook. When something doesn't get done as scheduled, take a moment to write down the reason in your notebook.