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Lesson 16. Triumphing Over Time-Eaters > Helping Others - Pg. 71

Triumphing Over Time-Eaters 71 If it is a matter of personal problems, refer the employee to the company's EAP. Included in benefits packages of many employers, these programs provide assistance from outside professionals with addressing personal problems, such as alcohol or drug abuse, marital or family problems, and more. EAP is short for an employee assistance program , which provides help with personal mat- ters. Plain English Paperwork, Paperwork In a survey done by Pace Productivity, Inc., of Toronto, Canada, administrative tasks and paperwork were the top culprits of wasted time. This was true in surveys in which people were asked to report interruptions both in and out of their control. How do you tame that paper tiger in your office? A couple of tips include these: · Touch the paper once--If it needs a response, do it. If it doesn't, throw it out or file it. It may take a few minutes more initially, but it saves time in the long run. · Have a point--If you don't really need to reply or write a note, then don't. Stick with what's important, and toss the rest. This applies especially to e-mail. E-mail tag can get as annoying and time-consuming as phone tag when you either keep missing your party or keep responding to the last statement. For example, there's no reason to follow a "thank-you" e-mail with a "you're welcome" one. · Get to the point quickly--Keep your message short, and get right to the point. Save your prose for that novel you'll write from all the time you've saved eliminating administrative paperwork. · Keep it simple--Expand on issues only when the situation requires. Time is valuable. If someone needs further explanation then provide it.