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Lesson 15. Streamlining Business-Specifi... > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 67

Streamlining Business-Specific Processes 67 · Manage contacts. --Eliminate pieces of paper by entering phone numbers and addresses im- mediately into your organizer. If you receive business cards, staple them to your Rolodex or into the pages of your address book, if you don't have a business card organizer. At the end of each workday, a look around your office shows who's in control. You are, not the paper tiger on your desk. The 30-Second Recap · · · · · · Limit meetings and reports. Implement "Robert's Rules" for your office to maximize meeting efficiency. Learn to tame the electronic tiger on your desk--namely, Internet and e-mail. Establish a company-wide e-mail policy. Create a telephone system to limit interruptions and make callbacks more productive. Organize your desk.