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Lesson 15. Streamlining Business-Specifi... > Cell Phones and Pagers - Pg. 66

Streamlining Business-Specific Processes 66 The advantage to Onebox is the ability to neatly organize everything in one place. Faxes are delivered to your Onebox e-mail address, and all e-mail responses sent from the Web site are preset with your fax number and Onebox e-mail address. Future premium services should allow you to send faxes. Cell Phones and Pagers Cell phones are becoming so popular that they're almost becoming a public menace. Some res- taurants even have cell phone booths so that diners won't be distracted by phone conversations at nearby tables. The phones are convenient, though, if used judiciously: · Don't carry cell phones or pagers into meetings with supervisors or clients. · Don't give your company cell phone or pager number to anyone other than work-related contacts. Caution Cell phone usage while driving is against the law in some jurisdictions. Practice safe cell phone usage in the car. · Don't use personal cell phones and pagers in company or client meetings. Make arrangements with personal associations to communicate with you via company or department phone centers. Telephone Management The telephone is one of the greatest business tools we have, yet it can be the greatest source of interruptions in a day. That's where answering machines and voicemail come in. Here are some telephone-taming basics: