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Lesson 15. Streamlining Business-Specifi... > Internet and E-mail - Pg. 64

Streamlining Business-Specific Processes 64 Internet and E-mail Internet and e-mail have become two of the most worker- and company-productive tools of com- munication in the last 50 years. They have reduced overall communications costs, and they allow for near-instant communication response to clients and vendors alike. However, Internet access and e-mail have also become a major source of irritation to people focused exclusively on work. Tip Install a proven antivirus program on your computer at home and work. Update it weekly with online downloads. Here are some ways to tame the electronic tiger on your desk: · Limit the time spent on the Internet at work, unless it's directly part of the job. · Create folders for specific types of e-mail, such as by company or individual names. · With some e-mail programs, you can use the Tool option in your e-mail software to include your name, your company name, your e-mail address, and the company's e-mail address at the bottom of each item sent. This saves time and ensures that e-mail you send is recognized in- stantly. Tip Take advantage of e-mail to advertise. In all client correspondence, include a company logo and a phrase or reference to a new product or service somewhere in the body of the e-mail. Don't send unsolicited mail, though (known as spamming). · Encourage the use of e-mail communication within the organization. It saves time and resources.