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Lesson 13. Staying Focused Amidst Change > Using Computers - Pg. 56

56 Chapter 13. Staying Focused Amidst Change In this lesson, you will learn how to plan for the unexpected, such as cutbacks, mergers, social trends, and technological advances. Flexibility and Discipline Flexibility and discipline appear to be two very contradictory words. In reality, within the context of organization, flexibility requires dis-cipline. Discipline is a fundamental organizational characteristic directed to an orderly process of developing methodology and procedure when producing blueprints, fulfilling tasks and responsibilities, completing projects and events, and dealing with lifestyle changes. Embedded in that discipline is the formation of contingency plans, in case your established procedure fails or you encounter overbearing change or unanticipated events. Change and unanticipated events are inevitable. You must accept and be prepared for their even- tuality. World War II brought on the emergence of women competing with men in the workplace.