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Lesson 9. Organizing Your Staff > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 41

Organizing Your Staff 41 · Define the actions to be taken, lines of authority, and responsibility for implementation of each item. · Define timelines and qualitative and quantitative results anticipated with the implementation of each action. Again, as already noted, your action plan may be augmented by any specific issues and charac- teristics not covered in this text. Finally, you may want to consider whether to evaluate the results with the assistance of your im- mediate supervisor or members of your own staff. It may or may not assist you to ensure a com- prehensive evaluation and the foundation for implementing a proactive action plan. If given the option, you must judge the positive or negative impact of others' participation in evaluating survey results. Caution During the (re)organization process, show no people preferences. The well-being of the department takes priority over personal feelings and relationships with members of staff. Implementing Solutions Implementation will test your leadership ability to influence and secure the cooperation of staff when implementing change. Clearly, you must ensure them that any change is for the better. Overcome their fear of change in the spirit of cooperation. Additionally, this third and final step in (re)organization requires the cooperation and approval of the total organization, not just your department. Take the following steps to implement your action plan: · If you have a large department, hold your first meeting with the supervisors. You need their involvement and support if any action plan is to succeed. Consider any suggested changes as equitable to all supervisors and consistent with company policy and procedure. · Take the final document (action plan) to your immediate supervisor for review, revision, and approval. You cannot implement an action plan that is not consistent with company policy and that does not have the support of your upper management. · Review the final document one more time with your supervisors. Inform them of what has been approved by upper management, and then decide how to present the plan to the line employees. · Be certain that your supervisors understand their individual responsibilities regarding timelines, anticipated results, and contingencies to be implemented, if necessary. · Encourage your supervisors to communicate any difficulties and provide them with solutions. · Likewise, instruct your supervisors to be equally supportive and open to suggestions from their line staff when implementing the action plan. Caution Avoid surprise changes in company policy. Ask staff for suggestions following the survey, and then begin an implementation process. Implementation requires additional leadership skills in total communication, cooperation, and a will- ingness to be flexible in times of change. Likewise, your organizational skills will be tested from beginning to end. The 30-Second Recap · The process of (re)organization of a department is potentially lengthy. · Begin with an orderly survey of your staff.