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Lesson 9. Organizing Your Staff > Conducting a Survey - Pg. 40

Organizing Your Staff 40 · Responsibilities--Leave sufficient space for the person to list perceived responsibilities. · Comments--Allow people to convey any feelings and observations regarding the survey, its content, or any other issue. This can add information to help you evaluate the survey results. Fill in one of the surveys yourself for each staff position based on your knowledge or perceptions in managing the department. Tip If none is available, you may also want to draft an organizational chart of your department. Then compare your perceptions with those of your staff. Evaluating Survey Results Evaluating survey results is perhaps the most critical stage in this three-step process. Poor evalu- ation makes the survey effort a waste of resources. Likewise, poor evaluation will likely result in poor decision-making toward any actions implemented to improve organizational structure and any improved productivity. Be patient, thorough, and objective when evaluating results. Furthermore, your decisions will impact the work lives of your em-ployees and the overall environ- ment in the workplace. You are attempting to improve productivity, but simultaneously, you will inadvertently address workplace morale and relationships between employees at all levels of au- thority within your department. When the surveys are returned, compare them to your manuals or personal survey. Look for con- sistencies and inconsistencies in these areas: · Are job titles and descriptions understood, and do the responses reflect the nature of the job? · Are lines of authority clearly understood, or does the informal organization have an adverse