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Lesson 7. Organizing Your Office > The Science of Ergonomics - Pg. 32

Organizing Your Office Caution 32 In June 2000, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reported that working women have a higher risk level for musculoskeletal injuries on the job, suffering 63 percent of all work-related repetitive motion injuries. Computer Desks and Credenzas Often, computer workstations do not accommodate space for much more than the computer and peripherals. You should use a separate chair for the main desk and computer, if you use both of them, for efficiency. Tip One NIOSH study showed that the use of ergonomic furniture increased worker productivity by 24 percent and increased job satisfaction by 27 percent. Credenzas are like side tables for the office and are extremely accommodating for holding those items that you use only occasionally but that you want to have at arm's reach. Computer Usage Data entry and other tasks involving video-display units lead to ergonomic risks due to repetitive exertions and awkward postures. Musculoskeletal problems of the upper limbs, neck, and back, as well as eyestrain, are the result. To avoid these problems, improve lighting and reduce glare. Pay attention to workstation design such as keyboard height and viewing distance and angle. Introduce wrist rests and detachable keyboards.