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Lesson 8. Managing Your Computer > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 38

Managing Your Computer 38 Universal power supply (UPS) units save the work in progress in case of a power outage. A battery pack allows your computer to remain operational for an extended period so that you can save and store work before shutting down the system. Back It Up Regardless of the size of your hard drive, you should back up valuable data and store it by way of one of the previously mentioned peripheral units. If your hard drive crashes because of a computer system failure, or if it is destroyed by power surges, all stored data and software applications will be lost. Protect your files by backing them up. A backup is a copy of your computer files stored on either a disk, a tape, a CD, or a network server. Backing up your computer files is simple and takes very little time. Your computer software will guide you through the steps; you can decide when, where, and how the computer backs up your files. Get your system in place and stick with it. For more details on backing up your computer files, see Lesson 2, "Easy Organizing Basics." Remember that you can back up your files on the Internet. Some Web sites offer free space; others charge annual fees in the $100 range. Two top picks in 2000 by PC Magazine were http://www.con- and The use of computers to communicate and send important data transcends photocopying and reg- ular mail. We need to learn how to use the operating systems and software applications for saving, storing, and backing up copies of documents we create.