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Managing Your Computer Caution 36 Back it up! Computer crashes and viruses can destroy hard drives and data. Portable units or remote storage should be used for storing backups. Rotate weekly between two backup disks, and keep one copy offsite. Portable Storage Units These are equivalent to hard drives but can be toted around, stored away, and then brought back out to hook up and use with the computer system. Portable storage units include these: · Iomega ( [] Zip and Jaz drives--Installed inter- nally or externally, the disks hold 100MB to 250MB each. The units retail between $50 and $200. · Ecrix ( []--This device has a 66GB storage capacity at a record rate of 6MB/second. A VXA drive retails for $900. · Hewlett-Packard ( [] SureStore DAT40--This device stores data on digital audio tapes and retails for less than $1,200. Tip Portable storage units and drives, such as Iomega Zip drives, are great when you divide your time between different machines. Floppy Drives and Disks These previously were limited to 1.4MB of disk space, but drives have expanded to hold up to 110MB and 144MB of space. Expected to become the standards for future drives, these systems retail