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Lesson 10. Managing Your Budget - Pg. 43

43 Chapter 10. Managing Your Budget In this lesson, you will learn how to create, maintain, and review a budget to analyze performance. Companies and Budgets How you organize and manage a budget varies with the size of the company, your for-profit vs. nonprofit status, supervisory/management vs. ownership status, and start-up vs. existing conditions. · Small organizations--In smaller organizations, the budgeting process is generally limited to the highest-ranking persons and an accountant or bookkeeper. Unless you are one of these indi- viduals, you should anticipate little or no involvement in the budgeting process. · Large organizations--In larger organizations, department managers and supervisors tend to be more involved in determining budgets. Occasionally, there can be competition between depart- ments, especially if funds are limited or cutbacks are on the horizon.