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Lesson 12. Managing Company Events > Promotions - Pg. 54

Managing Company Events 54 Revenue Sources Examine the various categories of revenue generation from past fund-raisers. Typically, they include corporate donations, sponsorships, and ticket sales. Analyze past income to determine where the event has been most successful in raising money. Caution Don't rely too heavily on one source of income. If most income has come from ticket sales, consider alternative means to pick up the slack in corporate donations. When approaching foundation sponsors, do your homework beforehand. Foundations are attracted strictly to the issue of image. Being nonprofit, they get no tax deductions. Their agendas must be very consistent with yours. Likewise, do your homework before approaching corporate sponsors. Corporations seek associa- tions that enhance their image with the public; they also can qualify for tax deductions. Promotions Identify and access every possible means of free advertising. Tip The various types of news media make time and space available to promote nonprofit events in the community. It's a public service. Seek opportunities for news articles and interviews on radio and television to promote the event. Many of these media outlets seek opportunities for interviews, press releases, news conferences and other media events related to nonprofit fundraisers and human interest in a corporate environ-