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Lesson 11. Going on the Road > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 51

Going on the Road Tip 51 In your business diary, the IRS wants to see four things for business entertainment deduc- tions: the date, the place, names of people there, and what business was discussed. Traveling Abroad Traveling abroad requires additions to your checklist of things to do before leaving. Some are man- datory, or you'll never leave the country: · Have all visas and your passport validated well in advance of the trip. Naturally, you will have to go to the nearest consular office of that country to get a visa. Go to the U.S. State Department Web site at, and click on the directory for consular offices to find the lo- cation nearest you. · Check the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs Web site at http:// and click on the hyperlink for travel warnings. Caution Be extremely careful where you keep your password data. You don't want to instantly be- come the victim of a thief or a hacker with the drop of a wallet. · If you're not fluent in the native language, learn some basic expressions, and take a language dictionary with you. Pocket versions of dictionaries are easily found in local bookstores, but electronic versions offer more languages. LingoTranslators ( [] provides dictionaries for 25 different languages. Phone-Soft ( [] provides links to several online sites to locate these electronic dictionaries. · Take the time to learn the customs and mores in the country of destination--it can mean the