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Lesson 11. Going on the Road > Staying Connected - Pg. 50

Going on the Road 50 · Laptop modems--To take advantage of your laptop and stay connected to the office, have a modem installed on your laptop--or purchase one in the first place with that peripheral. Some airports and hotels provide phone line access for modems, but do be cautious if selecting a hotel specifically for modem access. Those using digital phone access can damage your modem; you need a regular tone line. · Remote access program--Install this type of software on your office PC and your laptop, and you're good to go. However, your laptop must be configured to function in a company-wide, intranet format. If you're on the road a lot and you visit other company facilities frequently or routinely, encourage the company to implement remote access formatting at all sites, to facilitate your ability to access your office PC from any company location worldwide. For reviews of the latest remote-control software, go to ZDNet's PC Magazine reviews at pcmag/. Plain English A remote access program enables you to connect to the office computer from your laptop. You can transfer and copy files and run applications. · Voicemail--Leave your departure and arrival times on your office voicemail message. Make sure to bring remote access numbers to retrieve messages, or have an assistant transcribe messages and e-mail them to you. You also might install a voicemail software program offered by such companies as eFax ( [] and Fax4Free (http:// []. They provide you a phone number where voice- mail can be sent, and then you access it via an e-mail attachment. The service to you is free. · Fax--You can install the same software from eFax or Fax4Free, and it also serves as a remote access for faxes. Someone can send you a fax via the same phone number assigned for voi- cemail, and you are forwarded that document via an e-mail attachment. Again, the software and