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Appendix B. Glossary - Pg. 83

Glossary 83 EAP Employee assistance program. A program offered in the work place that helps identify and resolve personal or other problems that can affect employee job performance. ergonomics The science of designing and arranging things that people use for safe and efficient interaction. Also known as human engineering. FAQ A frequently asked question. Most Web sites have FAQ pages to answer common questions in text form. FCC The Federal Communications Commission. An independent U.S. government agency that reg- ulates interstate and international communications. Feng Shui Means "wind and water" in Chinese; the ancient study of the natural environment. Placement of objects in a person's surroundings is believed to have a positive impact on the energy in that person's life. financial statements Balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. fund-raiser A social event held for the specific purpose of raising money. FY Fiscal year, a 12-month accounting period. goal The end point to which effort is focused.