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Lesson 14. Getting Professional Help > Consulting for Individual Needs - Pg. 60

Getting Professional Help 60 · · · · velopment of software applications tailored to a specific company's needs for Internet, intranet, and basic computerized in-house needs. The hardware specialists most often focus strictly on the provision of hardware. They often either provide software development or subcontract that service in fulfillment of a contract with your company. Computer software trainers--New software is being continuously developed to reduce work- loads, but it can increase employee stress to learn how to use the products. A growing number of companies now specialize in training employees, from the most basic of applications (office suites) to more specialized programs related to accounting, Web site development, and intra- nets. Human resources consultants--These specialists play a valuable role in helping to reduce ab- senteeism and tardiness, as well as increasing worker productivity and morale. These experts are trained in industrial and employee relations. They commonly conduct workshops and training on supervision, hiring and firing procedures, morale, and communication techniques. In some cases, they may conduct in-depth surveys and interviews to identify problems of low productivity and mo-rale. You want to be certain that they work in close coordination with your personnel department. Business planners--These people are contracted to help a company develop comprehensive long-term plans related to expansion, retention, downsizing, and mergers and acquisitions. Their primary objective is to determine the feasibility of any plan by examining the marketing, opera- tional, and financial impact of any major company effort that involves raising capital or cutting costs. The business plan will outline all major categories of activity, capital expenditures, and projected financial statements based on substantive assumptions. Their documents typically cover a period of three to five years. Strategic planners--Much like a business planner, the strategic planner takes on a broader approach to the long-term development of a company. These experts also assist many nonprofit