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Lesson 4. Finishing a Day's Work in Advance > Plan Ahead to Save Time - Pg. 18

Finishing a Day's Work in Advance 18 You've arrived on time, nourished, rested, and relaxed. That's the way it should be. If you develop a well-organized routine as exemplified in Lesson 2, "Easy Organizing Basics," and Lesson 3, "Bal- ancing Home and Office," your mind and body should be ready to take on the day. Going Home The time between the office and home may quite often be the only time alone you'll have in the day. Take your mind off the job now. Put that soothing music back on, or practice your foreign language verbs. Why jump back on the expressway? Don't take that stress home to the family. Take that quieter route. It's fairly easy today to find out the traffic report before you leave the office. Even Web sites-- including the New York/New Jersey/ Connecticut tri-state regional traffic site, http://www.metro-, or the San Francisco Bay Area's in-depth details. Etak, a publisher of digital maps, has created a demonstration Web site called http://www.etaktraf- that will provide live, real-time traffic information online for metropolitan areas in the United States. The system eventually will be able to send e-mail and pages to commuters to let them know about problems in advance. Tip If you've planned it well, you may have something to pick up on the way home, such as dry cleaning, or you may have a workout appointment at the gym. Make the most of your drive time. No Surprise