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Finishing a Day's Work in Advance 17 E-mail, Anyone? The incredible onslaught of the computer age has made this machine a common sight in most homes. Be careful--don't make the mistake of getting caught up to the point that you leave late for work or get frustrated before you even leave home. Office e-mail should remain there--in the office. If you're waiting for an important document, how- ever, you may want to use an e-mail forwarding system, such as or (See Lesson 8, "Managing Your Computer," for more details.) This allows you to access important mes- sages from home, while leaving a copy on the office server so that you'll be able to view it again at work. Tip Leave personal e-mail review for the evening when you have the leisure time to read and respond to it. Dress for Success Have your clothes ready the night before, and round up the dry cleaning for drop-off the next day. Paralyzed over what to wear? You're not alone, especially because 90 percent of all companies in America have adopted a casual dress policy. In fact, one-third of those companies allow dressing down every day. But how casual can you go? Mary Lou Andre, fashion consultant and president of Organization By Design in Needham, Massa- chusetts, has created a booklet titled Making Casual Day Work. She says the best bet is to aim for a classic look; this booklet is available at the Web site Some other fashion do's and don'ts include these: · · · · · · Leave your printed T-shirts at home. Save sweats for the gym, and save beachwear for the beach. Keep shoes shined and scuff-free. Combine items from your business wardrobe with casual attire. Wear a vest instead of a blazer. Match your belt to your shoes for a polished, coordinated look. Andre notes that a relaxed dress code has many benefits, including improved productivity, increased morale, and greater loyalty. So, if you're a manager, you may want to institute a casual dress policy. If you're an employee, you still need to draw the line between casual and sloppy. Off to the Races! For most of us, driving to and from work can be the most stressful beginning to any day. There are ways to avoid the stress: · Turn on the radio--Soft, soothing music or a humorous talk radio show is certainly more relaxing than the latest disaster news. Or, find audio books at your library or bookstore. · Get a head start--Leaving a little earlier and giving you more time to arrive greatly reduces that stress. · Discover new ways--Why not get up a little earlier and take a less congested route? A change of scenery will make you feel less like a robot on its daily programmed mission. Tip Why not enhance your value to the company and boost your self-esteem by learning a new language during drive time?