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Lesson 2. Easy Organizing Basics > Put Technology to Work - Pg. 7

Easy Organizing Basics 7 Repetition of your routine will allow for refinement. Trust your abilities to prioritize and schedule your obligations. Your boss wouldn't have put you in that position if she didn't believe that you could accomplish the tasks. Still Have Problems? If you still can't complete the tasks in a timely fashion, don't panic. It will take some time, especially if you're not a naturally organized person. There are ways to solve the problem: Caution To delegate means to assign authority or responsibility to another. · Delegate--If you have subordinates, do they appear to have more free time than you? You might be able to assign some of your tasks to them. · Get proper training--Do you rely on others to help you finish certain tasks? Ask for or get addi- tional training in weak areas, such as computers. · Turn off the noise--It's easy to get distracted by the problems of others, telephone calls, and even impromptu meetings. Set your schedule (with flexibility built in) and make it clear to col- leagues. · Put in quality time--Are you getting to work on time? Are you putting in the number of hours expected of your position? Make the most of it by being organized. An asset of good organizational skills is the ability to identify problems and act on them accordingly. Put Technology to Work