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Lesson 2. Easy Organizing Basics > Put Technology to Work - Pg. 8

Easy Organizing Basics Document: Brown, A 72800 8 The July 28th document is about five levels down, or five clicks down, in your computer files from your C drive. Now you can easily put your hand on both the hard copy and the electronic file. Backing Up The best filing system can be quickly destroyed by a computer virus or a power strike. Protect your files by backing them up. A backup is a copy of your computer files stored on either a disc, a tape, a CD or the network server. Backing up your computer files is simple and takes very little time. Your computer software will guide you through the steps. You can decide when, where, and how the computer backs up your files. Get your system in place and stick with it. Tip Create two sets of backup disks. Swap them out so that there is always one full set of backup disks. Store them offsite, such as in a safe deposit box or in your home. There are two kinds of backups: · Full backup--Full backup means just what it sounds like: You back up everything on your com- puter. Create full backups in accordance with how much and how often the data changes in your files. You can set the computer to do a daily, weekly, or even monthly full backup. · Selective backup--Selective backups are useful if you are working on only special sections at a time. You can select entire drives for backing up, or you can choose individual files and folders. Selective backing up should be done on a daily basis.