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Lesson 3. Balancing Home and Office > Single-Parent Household - Pg. 12

Balancing Home and Office 12 If you've got a computer, Web calendars are a great place for family members to post appointments when they're away from home--and they're free! There are several to choose from, including of- ferings from the top three most popular Web portals, AOL, Yahoo!, and MSN. Set Priorities Family events are just as important as business events, so try to schedule room for both. Schedule activities for the weekend that reinforce the family unit. Make sure that everyone knows what's coming up. Stay focused on your priorities, and keep things simple. Don't forget to reward yourself, even if it's for a 15-minute break to listen to a favorite CD, write a real letter (not an e-mail message ) to a friend, or read a child a book. These are priorities that will energize you. Pave the Way Use departures from and arrivals to home as a time to strengthen family philosophy. According to Ellen Galinsky in her book, Ask the Children, children named as their top wish less stressed and tired parents at the end of the day. Tip You can order many things from the Internet these days to save shopping time. Clothing basics and grocery staples are just a few ideas. So, use "good-bye" to show children an enthusiasm for each new day. Make use of "hello" to show them that family relationships are very special.