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Lesson 3. Balancing Home and Office > Setting Goals - Pg. 11

Balancing Home and Office Caution 11 A goal is the end point to which effort is focused. Crisis mode is no way to run a life. There are ways to cut down on the daily panic and feel good about the day. Start out with these simple rules, one day at a time. Gradually make them part of your long-term plan for better balance. Manage Expectations You may have to lower your standards in terms of how clean the house is or how perfect your wardrobe is. Tip It's important to set both short-term and long-term goals for yourself. These short-term goals will give you an immediate sense of accomplishment, and relief. You can then proceed with confidence toward a healthy outlook for the long term. For example, we know a woman who limits the clothing colors for each family member. A closet full of separates in three color allows a quick mix-and-match. It cuts both the decisions on what to wear and on what to buy. Plan the Family Schedule Use your new planning skills developed from Lesson 2, "Easy Organizing Basics," to map out the week for home and family. Seek after-school activities that occupy children's lives and keep them from being home alone. This allows parents to complete the work day without fearing for the well- being of their children.