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Chapter 6. Human Behavior > Charles Faulkner - Pg. 116

Human Behavior You see, Dr. Stadler, people don't want to think. And the deeper they get into trouble, the less they want to think. But by some sort of instinct, they feel that they ought to and it makes them feel guilty. So they'll bless and follow anyone who gives them a justification for not thinking. --Ayn Rand [19] 116 Over-familiarization with something--an idea, say or a method, or an object--is a trap . . . Creativity requires something new, a different interpretation, a break from the twin opiates of habit and cliché. --Denise Shekerjian [20] Trend followers' ability to delay gratification, stifle impulsiveness, and shake off the market's inevi- table setbacks and upsets, makes them not only successful traders, but also leaders. Goleman found that effective leaders all had a high degree of emotional intelligence along with the relevant IQ and technical skills. And that while these other "threshold capabilities" were the entry-level re- quirements for executive positions, emotional intelligence was the "sine qua non" of leadership. Without emotional intelligence, someone can have superior training, an incisive, analytical mind, and infinite creativity, but still won't make a great leader. [21] If you look at the how trend followers like Bill Dunn, Ed Seykota, and John W. Henry developed, you'll see that they were all self-starters, motivated from the beginning to achieve. But perfecting the strategy of Trend Following, applying it to new markets, teaching others how to trend follow, and expanding their own knowledge of trading is what keeps them in the game. Just as important as managing your own feelings is being able to recognize the feelings of others. Few of us live, or trade for that matter, in a vacuum. The sense of being cut off from the world, of being isolated with no one to turn to, is a common consequence of traders who feel the pressure but have only their computer to relate to. This doesn't necessarily mean you need a group of col- leagues to hang out with around the water cooler every couple of hours, but objectivity comes from having a balanced life.