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Lesson 7. The Markets > The New York Stock Exchange - Pg. 35

35 Chapter 7. The Markets In this lesson you will learn about the physical locations where stock is available for trade and also about computerized networks over which stock is available for trade. Trading Places So, where are all these trades taking place? Way before there was money, people used to trade items to each other. If I had a goat and you wanted it, you'd offer me three chickens in trade, and we'd both go off happy. If someone else offered me four chickens, or if someone else showed up with a bigger goat, there would probably be a lot of yelling involved. Eventually, people finally figured out that they'd save time looking for other people with whom to trade if they regularly showed up at one designated location where everyone brought something to trade. With the introduction of money, these trades evolved into purchases and sales. Thousands of years later, the market concept is still very much alive. People who want to buy or sell stocks figure that showing up at the same location at the same time to trade stocks is a pretty good idea. Today, over