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Lesson 14. How to Check Your Investments > Miscellaneous Information - Pg. 91

How to Check Your Investments 91 The stock pages will also contain expert analyses of stock performances, recommendations for stock picks and duds, and even articles discussing news events and their impact on stocks and the markets. The amount and type of information varies from day to day as well as from newspaper to newspaper. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with these areas and of course to also look up your own stock's performance. By doing so, you will be in a better position to discover information you might otherwise have missed that could affect your current holdings or affect your decisions regarding future investments. Eventually you will become increasingly familiar with the markets, their behavior, and your subsequent reactions to that behavior. Plain English Miscellaneous information is a general term for any information contained in the financial pages in addition to the information contained in the stock tables. This information can include topics such as currency exchange rates, IPO offerings, and analyst predictions. Even as you have overcome your initial discomfort with the stock tables by learning to interpret the information contained in the stock listings, you will do the same with the financial pages after re- peated exposure. As a child, you probably read little more than the comic pages in the newspaper. By expanding your reading as you grew up to include the headlines, job listings, personals, and weekend magazine, you grew increasingly comfortable with the kind of information available there, even if you didn't necessarily need to know it all on a day-to-day basis. The true is same with the financial pages. Find out what it all means by reading everything a couple of times. After a while, you will learn which columnists or listings provide helpful information and you will always check them out. Let's use what we have learned. Using our sample stock table, look up Alamo's stock. We would find it alphabetically under the name the Alamo Group or AlamoGp on the table. We know that the