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Appendix A. Glossary - Pg. 104

Glossary 104 custodial account A brokerage account for a minor set up under the rules of the Uniform (Gifts) Transfers to Minors Act whereby an adult oversees the account's management on behalf of the minor until he or she becomes a legal adult. daily high-low Entries in the daily financial tables that list the highest and lowest point at which the stock traded over the course of the day. debt Anything owed. debt ratio A formula that compares a company's total debt to its assets and cash flows. derivative An investment that is based on a stock's performance. discount broker A broker who provides financial services individually rather than full service. dividends The portion of profits a company pays to its stockholders, usually in quarterly annual payments. dividends per share The amount of the last dividend paid. dollar cost averaging An investment strategy characterized by systematically investing a predetermined amount on a regular basis. Dow Jones A series of four separate indices that currently trades on the New York Stock Exchange and is