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Appendix A. Glossary - Pg. 102

102 Appendix A. Glossary 52-week high-low Entries in the daily stock tables of the highest and lowest point at which the stock has traded during the past year. aggressive growth stocks Stocks that focus on their potential for capital gains and accept higher principal risk to achieve this growth. American Stock Exchange Originally founded as the New York Curb Exchange in 1842, the American Stock Exchange is rivaled in prestige only by the New York Stock Exchange. AMEX Market Value Index An index composed of 800 stocks that trade on the American Stock Exchange. This type of index is based on the belief that the health of the American economy is best represented by the performance of the proprietary market. asset Anything owned that has value such as cash, real estate, intellectual property, or name recog- nition. bankruptcy A court declaration of the financial insolvency of a person or company. blue chip stock A designation for share of a company that is extremely well established and financially secure. book value A measurement of the total value of a company determined by adding up the values of all tangible assets. Or, the value of each share of common stock should the company declare bankruptcy, determined by dividing the value of the assets of a company by the number of its outstanding shares. broker Anyone who has received qualification to trade stock for clients by passing the Securities Ex- change Commission's Series 7 Exam. brokerage accounts Monetary deposits maintained with a broker to trade stock.