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Lesson 1. Confronting Your Fear of Stocks > A Stock Market Crash - Pg. 5

Confronting Your Fear of Stocks Tip 5 One fear is that the stock market is geared to big investors and that the average person doesn't have enough funds to actively participate. Deal with this fear by discovering the many investment options that are designed to accommodate people at any financial level. Like many of the reasons you and other potential investors have for not investing, the concern of not having "enough" money to invest is not new. Fortunately, the financial market is a place of business, and as such it continually modifies itself to attract new investors. Many programs have been created to accommodate new investors having little or no available cash. These are not scams; they are honest attempts to accommodate the situation of the majority of the American public. Frankly, most people don't have a couple of thousand dollars lying around. So, accommodations exist for people who wish to purchase one share of stock or invest the same amount into a monthly stock purchase. Direct deposit programs can ensure that investment amounts are deducted before the balance is deposited into a checking account. Many brokerage firms periodically reduce the initial amount required to open an account through the use of "sales." Of course you will have to do a little poking around to see what is available out there. As a general rule, however, few companies will refuse your money. Fill the Bucket Regularly The trick to investing with little money is to begin by putting money away regularly. Give the money to a friend or family member, or, better yet, open a savings account and direct deposit some of your paycheck into that account. Put it under your mattress if you need to. When the amount rises to the level of a minimum investment, transfer the money then. Virtually all investments like stock purcha- ses will accept subsequent investments in much smaller amounts (often $50 or $100). This strategy of small but regular deposits can be really distasteful at first. Once the decision to