Be an Organized Consumer Ah, one more contribution to your peace of mind! 97 Summary Did you ever think shopping could be so organized? Go ahead, gloat: You have systems to be proud of! You can walk into any store or browse any Web site and know what you need and what you don't, what's a great idea, and what's a passing whim. You can run that grocery store like a sprint or like a marathon because you're in control, and you'll never again find yourself out of fake blood on Halloween. If sticking to a budget is a priority for you, you'll find it's now much easier to do because with all your options listed objectively, you can easily see which purchases are most important and which can wait. Just one more chapter and you'll be done with your financial organization overhaul. In that final chapter, you get an introduction to some advanced tools for analyzing your newly organized data --a taste of what you might want to investigate next, on your own or with the help of your accountant, investment broker, or other financial advisor. Let's go crunch some numbers!