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Chapter 13. Taking the Long View > Playing the Odds Through Dollar Cost Averagi... - Pg. 134

Taking the Long View 134 The moral to our story: Be careful how you define "safety." As you can see, safety- oriented investors actually lost money by staying conservative over too long a period. What is ironic is that if you interviewed conservative investors and asked them how they chose their investments, they would probably tell you that they chose their investments for safety because they didn't want to lose any money. Guess what happened? They lost money by playing it too safe. Playing the Odds Through Dollar Cost Averaging Would you like an opportunity to make money during good times and have a better chance of making even more money during bad times? It could happen. All you need is a regular savings program and patience. Our Advice Dollar cost averaging makes sense when investing. Did you know that it makes sense when you are taking money out as well? When you retire and begin living off your investments, it's smart to make periodic with- drawals of a fixed amount of money. By doing so, your remaining money is continuing to work for you.