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Chapter 23. Social Security and Medicare > What Happens to Your Survivors? - Pg. 244

Social Security and Medicare 244 The disability program includes incentives designed to smooth the transition back into the workforce, including continuation of benefits and health-care coverage while a person attempts work. Currently the average monthly payment for a disabled worker with a spouse and two or more children is $1.310. That's not very much--especially if you have a monthly mortgage payment of $1000 and four people to feed and clothe. Many private disability insurance policies will pay you 40 to 60 percent of your income. The moral of the story: Be sure you have enough disability insurance through work because you can't count on getting a lot from Social Security. Stay healthy and safe and build up an emergency fund, so that if there are rough spots in your life, you have some liquid assets available to help carry you through. For What It's Worth There are 4 million disabled workers under age 65 and 1.7 million dependents receiving benefits. The average monthly payment in 2001 to a disabled worker was about $786; for a family of four, the payment was $1,310. There are disability benefits available for people with HIV infection or AIDS. Check it out by either