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Part: 3 Mastering the Basics of 401(k) Investing - Pg. 96

96 Part 3. Mastering the Basics of 401(k) Investing How comfortable do you feel making investment decisions? Would you follow someone else's advice before taking your own? Do you know which investments in your 401(k) plan are right for you? Better yet, do you know which of these investments, or combinations of investments, will get you to your goal? Every investment decision we make has consequences--how do we know we're making the right ones? The first thing to remember is that investing your money is very simple. All you need to know are some basic terms and tips. And you don't need to know everything before making investment de- cisions. The next seven chapters take you on a journey into the world of making money with money. By the end, you'll know everything you need to know about stocks, bonds, and good old cash, and you'll be able to make decisions like the pros on Wall Street.