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Part: 3 Mastering the Basics of 401(k) I... > Looking for Mr. Goodfund - Pg. 117

117 Chapter 12. Looking for Mr. Goodfund In This Chapter · Understanding the funds in your 401(k) plan · Finding the fund information that matters most · Going beneath the hype to find the facts about your 401(k) funds Before you can pick the 401(k) investment or mix that is right for you, we need to dig a bit deeper into the world of mutual funds. And to do it right, we will need to get our hands dirty. After setting the stage, we'll begin cutting into some real, live mutual funds so that you can under- stand what's inside them, how they work, how they're managed, and how to understand which funds are good for you and which ones might be hazardous to your health ( fiscal health, that is). You'll also learn how to identify when it's time to "just say no" to a fund--how to spot the danger signs. Once you see how we do it, you can follow the same process to review the funds in your 401(k) plan. So, roll up your sleeves and put on your gloves: We are about to go exploring deep inside the world of 401(k) mutual funds. Scalpel, please!