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Chapter 12. Looking for Mr. Goodfund > Investment Options at a Glance - Pg. 122

Looking for Mr. Goodfund 122 Like the rest of us, Morningstar has no crystal ball from which to pick winners and losers. They just do their homework. And you should, too. Oakmark Equity & Income I This balanced fund has been around since November 1995. The current management team of Clyde McGregor and Edward Studzinski has been running it for the past five years. The fund's current asset base of $90 million gives it plenty of room to grow. Our Advice Many investors are concerned about investing internationally. But consider three points. First, of the world's wealth is outside the United States; if you want to participate in the growth of the world's economy, you cannot do it from inside the United States alone. Second, many international economies are growing faster than ours. Third, international markets offer investors the opportunity to diversify away from the U.S. stock market, just in case it overheats. Chapter 14 offers some facts and figures about going overseas. Its Fund Objective--Balanced--gets its name from the fact that it strives for both growth and income