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Chapter 7. Keeping Tabs on Your Account > Check This Checklist … Frequently - Pg. 76

Keeping Tabs on Your Account 76 Warning! While we question the value of the SAR and Form 5500 as pleasure reading, both can be a red flag if you suspect something isn't quite kosher with your plan or the way it's being administered. If there are large dis- crepancies from one year to the next or the numbers don't seem to pass the "smell test," bring your concerns to the plan administrator's attention. And if the SAR wasn't enough, you have the right to get copies of the tax return that the plan sponsor files with the IRS, called Form 5500. Usually you get charged for this by the page. Ask for this report only if your idea of a wild Friday night is reading accounting regulations. Like the SAR, the 5500 doesn't have any information that most people can use on an everyday basis. Check This Checklist ... Frequently It's a good idea to check on your accounts occasionally, even if you're not the suspicious type. Even the best record keepers are nothing more than humans with computers, and they can make mis- takes. Here's what you should look at: