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Chapter 7. Keeping Tabs on Your Account > Check This Checklist … Frequently - Pg. 78

Keeping Tabs on Your Account 78 For What It's Worth Here's a mistake most record keepers fear. You move all your money from the stable value fund into the small company stock fund, and it skyrockets after you think you put in all your money. But, somebody in record- keeping wasn't paying attention to your election ... and forgot to move your money. So, you didn't get all the appreciation after all. Now what? We've seen the gamut of responses, ranging from "Tough luck!" to "We'll make you whole." Bottom line--prevent this hassle by checking up on your investment election changes. Taking Out a Loan When you take out a loan, the record keeper withdraws money from your account and cuts you a check. Since the money is coming out of your investment funds, make sure you know which fund(s) the record keeper has deducted your loan from. Usually the money comes out on a pro rata basis. In other words, most of the money will come from those funds that have the largest balances. Some plans allow you to direct that loan proceeds be taken out of a particular fund. Loan Repayments