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Introduction xv Our Advice We are your financial planners. Think of us riding shotgun with you and helping you sort through what to do. No charge, either! Terms to Know If you're going to play the game, you've got the learn the rules. Lot's of terms and technospeak that sound ugly, but don't worry, we've whittled them down to plain English. Acknowledgments Books don't write themselves; people do. And there are a lot more people involved in writing a book than end up on the cover. This is our chance to publicly thank some very special people. Wayne G. Bogosian:I would like to offer a special thanks to our conscience, John Woods from CWL Publishing, who put this project together; and to Bob Magnan at CWL, for his editing of the manuscript. To our editors at Alpha Books, Randy Ladenheim-Gil, Amy Gordon, Billy Fields, and Krista Hansing--without their constant pushing and guidance, we could not have created a book this good this fast. Thanks to Diane Halverson and the whole gang at The PFE Group for their technical support, creative ideas, research, and, above all, putting up with my grumbling and endless asking, "Would you mind proofing this?" Thanks to Bob MacAllister (and our friends at Watson Wyatt Worldwide), for his all-knowing technical review of a very complicated subject. Most of all, thanks to my wife, Sandy, and my four children, Whitney, Alex, Scout, and Bizkit. You were the ones who bore the brunt of Daddy's crazy schedule. Your never-ending love and contin- uous support convinced me we could do this book and do it right. Dee Lee:As I look back at the beginning, I am surprised we got to the end. We could not have done it without the support of others. My special thanks to Martha Goodman who helped with all of the editing and the updates so the book could go forth. Thanks to my husband, Doug, who encouraged me and at times cajoled me back to my computer to finish another chapter. To my friends and business associates who understood that I had a deadline to keep and offered encouragement and resource material.